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Get Timestamped Summaries Instantly⚡️

Just record a video of meetings, or async updates.
We'll generate a transcript and timestamped summaries in your language.

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How does Tape work?

You just record a video and relax. Let our AI engine does the magic for you.

1. Record a Video

Capture your meetings, project updates, or bug reports effortlessly with Tape's screen recorder.

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2. Transcribe & Summarize with AI

AI engine instantly generates transcript and timestamped summaries from the video for quick and efficient browsing.


3. Generate & Share a Report

Get comprehensive meeting notes, project update reports, or bug reports and share them with anyone through a link.

Unlike any meeting recorders you've used before

Unleash yourself from note-taking hassles and supercharge your meeting follow-ups effortlessly.

AI translation

In Your Native Language

Choose the language you feel most comfortable with. We'll bring you the transcript and summary in that language.


Bot-free Meeting Recording

Who loves having bots in their meetings? They often create an awkward experience. But with Tape, you have full control over when to start and stop recording, making the experience as seamless as possible.


Async Video Update

Sharing feedback and exchanging thoughts doesn't always have to happen in real time. Tape provides an excellent way for engaging in asynchronous back-and-forth conversations through video.

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Discover more exciting features that Tape has prepared for you, and remember, there are many more to come! Stay tuned.

Tape works whatever you do

Replace unnecessary meetings that leave you with limited time to focus on more valuable things. Whatever you do and wherever your recipients are, Tape can help.

Design Feedback

Instantly share and showcase your work. Exchange intuitive feedback. No more hassle of finding a common time slot for a meeting.

Get feedback clearly right on the video.
Gather your team member opinions using a poll.
Put change logs all together in one place.
usecase - design feedback

Bug Reporting

Stop reading and writing wordy bug reports. Instead, Tape can help you report bugs in a highly demonstrative way. Show, don't tell.

Record a video on how to reproduce a bug
Request a quick demo when the bug is fixed
Keep it in your issue tracking system
usecase - product management

Customer Support

Improve your customer satisfaction by being more personalized and more human using video.

Understand their problem better by letting them record video - no installations required
Record and share personalized solutions via video
Measure customer satisfaction scores with apoll
usecase - customer success

Working Across Time Zones

Share, discuss, and collaborate with clarity no matter where your recipients are. It's faster than Zoom and better than Slack or email.

Back-and-forth video conversation in a thread
Share the entire conversation with a URL
Search through your conversation history (planned)
usecase - working across timezone

Asynchronous Interview

Get to know job candidates better even before actually meeting them. Give them a chance to show off. Be more human.

Request a short presentation or intro. video
Ask questions
Schedule an interview on the same page using Calendly integration
usecase - interview

Sales Outreach

Add interactive elements to your sales outreach video. Let your video schedule a call, take questions and more.

Your client can schedule a call right on the same page after watching your video
Take questions right on the video itself
Answer questions in the same thread
usecase - sales

Never take meeting notes ever again