Collaborate without staying up till 12AM

Working as part of a global team shouldn't require you to stay up all night.
Cancel meetings. Send a video instead.

Cancel meetings using asynchronous video meetings

Why global teams love using Tape

Share, discuss, and collaborate with clarity no matter where your teams are located.
It's faster than Zoom and better than Slack or email.

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Async Collaboration

Make decisions, exchange feedback, and more through back-and-forth async video conversation and utilizing Tape's interactive features.

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Updates & Announce

Share updates & announcements with clarity using async video. Break free from the hassle of finding a common time slot to hold a meeting.

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Don't repeat yourself over and over again. Record a series of training or onboarding videos that employees can access anytime, anywhere.

Start working together own your like never before

Move your projects along faster than your competitors using the quickest and most transparent collaboration tool for global teams.

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