10X Clearer
Bug Reporting

Stop reading and writing wordy bug reports.
Instead, record a short video of your screen with annotations.

Reporting a bug using asynchronous video is much clearer than doing it with text.

Why engineering teams love using Tape

From showing how to reproduce a bug to demonstrating when it is fixed,
Tape is the ultimate tool to put an end to redundant workflows.


Screen Recording

Tape can help you report bugs in a highly demonstrative way. Record a video on how to reproduce a bug.

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Video Annotation

Tape allows you to annotate on video for when you need more clarity. Point out when and what exactly you are referring to.


Demo on the Same Page

You can request a quick demo when the bug is fixed. Users love this as it increases transparency and reduces redundant processes.

No More "Can't Reproduce"

Cut off redundant back and forth iterations caused by unclear bug reports.

Bug reporting with asynchronous video demo animation.